Plastiko birtziklatua 
Bangkok Design Week erakusketa
Otsailak 2023

Recycled plastic
Bangkok Design Week 

Feburary 2023
Mazedonia Design Studio welcomes you to the Plastisphere, a traveling exhibition developed for Bangkok Design Week 2023. The plastisphere collection has been inspired by a modern day natural phenomenon: stray plastic elements that are floating as survival carriages for fauna and flora across the seas. For example discarded fishing equipment, floating or submerged in the beds of our oceans. Such as huge fishing nets, walking on top of coral reefs and other untouched flora and fauna, unfortunately carrying them away and destroying their ecosystem. The pieces created for the present edition of Bangkok Design Week  2023 have scents of marine elements that recall our relationships with the seas. The resilient fight of both nature and humanity against plastic waste pollution has been a source of inspiration, with its ups and downs, complexities and contradictions. The team has taken plastic waste from the sea and turned it into objects. The Plastisphere collection created by the Mazedonia Design Studio addresses plastic pollution not as a problem, but as a shared responsibility. Therefore, this design project challenges the concept of plastic pollution as a living platform to share ideas and encourage knowledge. We hope that Mazedonia’s creations, living examples of active experimentation, designed and produced with our bare hands, artisanally (fishing and sorting waste by us, melting it down and designing the pieces), can spread awareness about plastic waste pollution and ultimately generate new habits for respectful practices.This collection is a ship crossing the ocean from Spain to Bangkok in order to find playful solutions,  approaching plastic pollution positively, with playful aesthetic, welcoming everyone to have fun with the objects and eventually upcycle them again!

Plastisphere: ‘The Plastisphere is a term used to refer to ecosystems
that have evolved to live in human-made plastic environments. All the
plastic that is accumulating in marine ecosystems serve as a habitat for
various types of microorganisms, which is where scientists coined the
term Plastisphere. Plastic pollution acts as a more durable “ship” than
biodegradable material for carrying the organisms over long distances’.

More pictures soon!

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