Recycled ocean plastic
MATER museoa

Design and implemention of a workshop with MATER eco-active museum about raising awareness of the ocean plastic trash through action. These workshops were conducted for schools and open public on a refurbished traditional ship in Pasai San Pedro, Basque Country. It consisted of a series of cooperative activities starting with sailing on the ship and fishing the plastic garbage on the sea. Also to collect, clean and transform the garbage in order to create an art installation, as well as valuable objects for them to take home, such as earrings.

The collected plastic garbage was cleaned and creatively organized on canvases, that were later heat pressed with a on-board machine and were ultimately cut into drop-shaped accesories and an art installation.

These activities helped to understand the context and complexities of the plastic trash problematic in the oceans. Indeed, participants experienced in first hand the whole process, from collection of trash to create new useful objets. Gargabe is not trash anymore, but a new resource.

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