Materialak: Plastiko birtziklatua, buia berrerabiliak, egurra, soka, argiztapena
Taipei, Taiwan

Abendua 2022

Materials: Recycled plastic, reused buoys, wood, rope, lighting system
Taipei, Taiwan

December 2022
All of us are Plastic Fishermen, who use Anthropocene replicas of objects made out from recycled plastic. These artifacts accompany us along our maritime odysseys.

Precious plastic is the waste and raw material of the Anthropocene. It can be found in any country on Earth, from the belly of the sea to our trophic chain. It is also a living history people share, a spice we trade through the seas that connect us, our cultural legacy for the next generations. Our fishermen selves have heard the cry for help, the cry for love, the sea we all come from is calling for. We present a series of objects and artworks created with this aim: “let the trash become something cherished”, and try to find a playful way out for the overwhelming global pollution. We believe that plastic pollution awareness can be raised through joyful experiences and eventually with the goal to create positive impact and habits.

Plastic fishermen is an exhibition created and curated by industrial Designers from the Mazedonia Design Studio (Basque Country) and Jochieh Huang (Taiwan).
Exhibited at Node94 gallery in Taipei, 22-29 December 2022, with invited artists Jaime de los Ríos, Oreka TX, Cesare Maglione B-egia. With the support of Medialab-Tabakalera, Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia and Precious Plastic community.

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